Toyota vs. GM – Who is Greener?

Michael d’Estries blogged on Groovy Green today about Toyota’s President Katsuaki Watanabe announcing that Toyota will have a plug-in hybrid vehicle by 2010. It’s a quick read – to get the back story on this headliner. In essence, Toyota now is promising to have a vehicle to challenge GM’s Volt.

Although it’s really good to see that car manufacturer’s are looking to become greener – is it really only to sell to a niche clientele?

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Installing Apple’s Darwin Calendar Server

(Due to Cmmj’s initial efforts an official Ubuntu wiki article has been created)

Ah… It’s a new year. Time to dust off those old forgotten projects and renew energy and see if we can get them completed. One of my projects that I started last year was to get a Family Calendar installed so that the family could use any of the PCs or Macs in the house to see our schedules. Yes, I do have a wall calendar, but where’s the fun in that?

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New Server – Same name – an SSH issue


Today I started playing around with Apples’ Darwin Calendar Server . I’ve attempted this before in the past and I didn’t get very far with it. However, when I took up the reigns again today, I encountered a completely different problem that took me a little bit of time to resolve. In short, I had incorrect SSH keys in my local client to connect to my server. All of you SSH/Unix gurus out there probably can skip this, but this may help some nubies.

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