New Printer – a Color Laser

Brother HL-4070CDW

The prices on color laser printers are finally coming down in price.  After some Stumbling around the  other day, I encountered a review of the Brother HL-4070CDW on MacWorld’s site that was quite favorable.  I’ve loved my Brother HL-2040N (no longer made) since the day I brought it home a few years ago.  It was a simple black and white laser – but with the number of projects my kids have for school, this was a godsend.  I figured that I had such a great experience, I’d gamble again on another Brother product.

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O’Reilly’s Safari Online

If you are like me, you probably spend a ton of money every year on 3rd technical   Picture 5publications/reference manuals.  I’ve spent many years as a software consultant and had to keep on top of the latest and greatest technologies and methodologies.  I easily spent hundreds of dollars every month on books and reference manuals.  Considering that each book cost $40-$60 – it’s easy to spend thousands per year.  This is even with access to the Internet and Google. 

The costs of the books are easily justified when you look at your account receivables or you took that next step on the corporate ladder.  Some of these books are worth their weight in GOLD.  Of course, they also feel that way when you are lugging them around on your daily commute, or when your wife/girlfriend/significant other complains that the bookshelves are bowing because of the number of the books and it’s time to have a garage sale.  Oh yeah.. now you have to deal with who’s going to buy that Foxpro for Dummies book now?

Picture 1O’Reilly’s Safari Online service to the rescue.  I’ve been using this service for at least two years and it has COMPLETELY replace all my reference book purchases.

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Digital Photography Books

I’m very much into digital photography lately and I’ve been spending most of my time off devouring as much as I can about the subject.  However, I’m in no way can be considered the next Ansel Adams.  There is so much to learn to consistently take good shots with your camera.  Then there is all the post-processing that one can do to edit their pictures.

I did encounter a couple of books mentioned by one of my new favorite sites Lightroom Killer Tips

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iPhone Clear Case


I’m getting me one of these….

They are on backorder for 4 weeks, but I can wait.  Curious thing is that their website ( is a little messed up.  Their checkout page isn’t completely secure according to Firefox.  So I didn’t place my order online.  So far, two calls to their home office have gone unanswered. ugh.

I’ll put my order in next week.

Locking Down your Mac

I’m getting a little worried about my Macs in my house now.  According to MacRumors, even IBM is looking into outfitting some of it’s departments with Macs.  Or this story about this article about an upcoming Gartner research report from ( All of this will increase the number of Macs out there – which isn’t a bad thing in of itself, but it makes the Mac a bigger target for those never-do-wells out there.  Let’s not for get this story either:  MacBook Air gets seized in 2 minutes (engadget)

This article by Ars Technical, Keeping your Mac locked down: a Mac OS X security primer is a must read.  If anything install the free OS X version of ClamAV  and then go purchase and install Little Snitch.