Digital Photography Books

I’m very much into digital photography lately and I’ve been spending most of my time off devouring as much as I can about the subject.  However, I’m in no way can be considered the next Ansel Adams.  There is so much to learn to consistently take good shots with your camera.  Then there is all the post-processing that one can do to edit their pictures.

I did encounter a couple of books mentioned by one of my new favorite sites Lightroom Killer Tips

The Digital Photography Book, Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Scott Kelby.  The books don’t go into the science of it all – but rather what you should do in any given situation.  Scott’s site has some accompanying video to the books that better describe the way he approach writing the books. 

Both of these books can be found on the best online book service Safari.  This is where I’m reading them along with 15 other books.


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