Evernote – Remember Everything

Evernote is a new online service that allows you to clip and store rich text data.  The data can be video clips, music, images, documents, text, web clips, whatever.  What really makes this service powerful is  the number of client interfaces that you can use.  They have native clients for Mac, Windows, browsers, Windows Mobile, iPhone (coming soon.)

The service is in beta right now.  It appears to allow you to store 100 megs worth of data for free.Evernote logo  I’m sure this will all change once the service gets out of beta.  You can only be ‘invited’ to join the beta.  However, the invitation process is to a) go to their site, b) register your email address.  You’ll get an invite pretty quickly.

So far I’ve installed the Mac client and the FireFox tool. I’ve been able to access my information from my Mac, PC (via browser), my iPhone (via Safari) without any issues.  The only nagging thing is that you do have to log into the service to access your information. (I can’t wait for the day that our systems will do that automatically for us.  Oh well.)

In any event, I’m finding all sorts of information that I wanted to store.  For instance, I have a webclip of a table that details the format of SMTP address of mobile phone numbers by provider.  This is useful from my iPhone since it doesn’t have MMS capabilities (yet!)  Another tidbit I’ve stored up there is directions on how to configure my Nikon D80 to work in tether mode with my MacBook.  I even have a gif file of the NYC subway system.  Something that comes in handy at the weirdest times.

So I’m enjoying the service for now – I’ll see if I continue to use it after the Beta period is up. 


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