MB-D80 Multi Power Battery Pack

MB-d80 Finally picked up my MB-D80 Multi Power Battery Pack, a.k.a. vertical camera grip, today.  Now the D80 is really big and heavy – especially after I dropped the second battery in it.  Initial reaction is that the product seems to be well made.  It’s rather simple in design, you almost don’t need the instruction booklet.

The operation seems pretty simple – so much so, the instruction manual basically has only a few diagrams to show you how to connect the MB-D80 to the D80 and a few blurbs on what the buttons do.  I like simple things.   I did use the instructions because I didn’t know how the existing battery compartment was to come off to make room for the new grip.  Duh. It just pops off (once you open it to exactly 35 degrees.)  The design of the grip allows you to put the now detached battery cover into a slot in the portion of the grip that goes into the battery compartment.  Very cool idea.

As the new name states, the MB-D80 is a device that allows you to carry multiple batteries in it.  You can use two standard EN-EL3e batteries – I just happened to have a spare.  In addition, the grip comes with a battery tray, which you have to eject to put in your duo EN-EL3e set, so that you can use standard AA batteries to power the camera.  The tray needs 6 of them.  The only issue is – where do you put the battery tray? Another component that I need to find space for in the camera bag.  Although I’m sure it will come in handy someday.

I’ve only taken a few test shots with it and it seems to work great.  Note that the shutter button also has a lock feature on it that looks similar to the power switch.  It is not a power switch, but rather a lock to enable/disable the functionality of the dials and buttons on the grip.

I’m excited to use the new setup.  This weekend there is an air show I’m going to with some friends.  Perfect time to try out the new rig.


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