Block Unwanted Calls

angrytelemarketer I’ve had a surge of telemarketing calls lately and it’s prompted me to start some additional research on what I can do about it. There are a number of great sites with some great ideas and solutions around minimizing some of the unwanted calls. donotcallIf you live in the US, the number one site everyone should register for is the National Do Not Call Registry. However, this only keeps honest companies honest. I needed something more.

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High Dynamic Range Imaging

NYC-HDR High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI or HDR) has been around for a while – but I only just discovered the techniques in the last few days. You’ve probably have seen a ton of images with that uses these techniques and wondered how did they get that shot. In my case, my very desktop wallpaper was an HDR image — it’s actually the first image in the Wikipedia article, and I didn’t even know it!

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Navigon 5100 Review

(I found this in my draft folder and I figure I’d post it as is. I do have some follow up comments since using the device since Xmas, but I’ll do that in another article.)

product_5100_angled I just recently bought my oldest a new car for Christmas (yeah, my kids are spoiled.) One of the features that I didn’t get in the car is a navigation system. Automobile manufacturers need to get a clue on just how much someone is willing to spend on a navigation system. I have not seen a system for under $1600 for any new car. $1600!! That’s three times the amount I spent on my first car!

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