One Delivery Failure Per Minute

rts There are a lot bad people in this world — most of them went bad trying to make a living (or rip you off in the effort to get rich.)  Case in point, and my current pain, are spammers. Right now I’m getting one delivery failure notice per minute for mail I never sent. It really, really makes me want to inconvenience the culprits lifestyle.

I currently have two domains that I actively use — being one.  I was informed by my ISP that they can no longer keep the identity of the domain owners private for the .us domain as per some obscure regulation that is being enforced.  So all my contact information can be accessed by a simple whois command.  That’s fine.. I really don’t have anything to hide. (The stuff that can get me into trouble has already been sealed by the judge…. 😉

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WordPress for iPhone – Part II

wordpresslogo A few posts ago I mentioned that I had installed the new WordPress for iPhone application on my iPhone.  I had only posted that one entry from the application since then (only because I was on vacation and got totally engrossed in a couple of books so no time for blogging.)  I did start another blog entry with the application but saved it as draft instead of posting it.  Since then I’ve had a little more time to look the application so I thought I would put an entry on the blog about it.

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MacBooks and Ejecting a Stuck DVD

Three times in the last two months I’ve had to deal with stuck DVDs in the MacBooks and MacBook Pro in the house.   Unfortunately, all of the macbook laptops/notebooks’ are slot-drives that do not have the pinhole that allows you to manually eject the stuck DVD/CD.  Why, oh why is there no pinhole?  I tried a number of things that I thought I would never do to a DVD drive.  Eventually I had to go to Google for my answer(s).  Macosxhints had some really interesting (dangerous?) suggestions.

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