Change OSX’s default file format for Screen captures

Way back when I heard about the new graphic format PNG, I thought WTH? Why would they go make another format as GIF was fine.  When I started blogging, I did a little bit of additional research and found out there was a pretty good reason for the new format (‘new’ meaning that the file format has been around since 1996.)  Here’s the wikipedia link on the subject.

In any event, I did find myself making screen shots that I wanted posted on the web.  Not all of the screen shots were large – most being icons and the ilk – so I really didn’t need a jpeg file.  So I did a little bit more research and I had implemented this little hack that allowed me to change the default file format of OSX’s screen capture.  Of course, I didn’t bookmark the hack but fortunately the hack recently was posted on TUAW site and I thought I’d give it a mention here.  (TUAW’s article)


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