Hackintosh and 10.5.5 Upgrade

JT: Just a quick note – this article is a bit long in the tooth and uses some possibly archaic processes.  If you want up to date info – look to the OSx86 Project.

Okay – I took the plunge today to upgrade my box to 10.5.5 from 10.5.4.  Using the directions that I’ve posted about before, I was able to successfully upgrade with only a couple of gotchas.

First – there was no need to edit the /System/InstallAtStartup/scripts/1 file.  The only other issue was expected – I lost my audio again.  Simply following the same instructions for upgrading to 10.5.4, that was quickly fixed.

Remember – backup everything first!  I again used SuperDuper and my handy-dandy Acom Firewire drive to ensure that I could bring back my existing setup.  This actually came in handy as I forgot to keep a copy of my audio kexts on my main server and had to get a copy from the external drive.

Good luck on your upgrade!


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