Carrotmob – Organizing Consumers for Socially Beneficial Choices

Carrotmob – A real quick note on a fantastic organization with a pretty innovated idea on how to improve the world we live in.  I StumbleUpon a video created by the organizers of Carrotmob this morning and I thought it was just fantastic.  In a nutshell, Carrotmob organizes consumers so that coporations will have a financial incentive to improve the way the do business.  This is a very powerful concept as the incentive to do good is coming directly from the consumers and not some faceless tax law or corporate accountant.

Click on the link and watch the videos of their efforts.


Font Site –

da font Just a quick post…

I’ve been creating some new print and online projects and I found an absolutely great site for fonts:

The site has a huge collection of donation-ware, free, and free for personal use fonts.  Once you set a category of the type of fonts you would like to see, you have the option of typing in custom text so that the site will preview the text in the offered fonts.  Very useful when you need to help a client research a font.

All in all – a great site!