VMWare – "Fail to lock the file"

I was lucky to get hit by a power outage today.  Nothing like running around the house putting out blinking 12:00s.  I thought that would be the worse of it – I was wrong.  As my Mac powered on it started throwing errors about not able to mount drives, etc.  Then I realized that some of my internal servers may not have survived the power outage. 

As it turn out my main VMWare server machine did just fine – and it spun-up a majority of my VMs that I have running on that server.  However, I quickly discovered that a crucial VM, my Active Directory-DNS-DHCP Win2K3 server, did not power up.  No wonder I couldn’t hit any internal servers.  Launching into VMWare Server console to launch the VM manually gave me the bad news – VMWare threw back an error of “Fail to lock the file” — the file being the VM.

A little Google search later, I found this blog article that seem to have the answer.  Basically remove the lock files.  The article mentions that the lock files end with a “.LCK” extension.  In my instance, running VMWare server, the lock files have an extension of “.WRITELOCK”.

I moved the “.WRITELOCK” files to a temp directory and attempted to restart the VM and – SUCCESS. 

I was so happy .. for 10 minutes then I got hit with another power outage.


MacBook Dead Harddrive – Lesson Learned


The hard disk in one of the kids’ Macbook finally bit the dust.  No matter how many times you  tell them that they just can’t move their laptop immediately after closing the lid, they are still going to do it.  It does take a few seconds for the MacBook to write it’s RAM to disk before you can move the laptop.  Last week, the MacBook finally decided that it had enough of the abuse and killed the drive.

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Special: Business Cards – Recycled Paper/Vegetable Oil

Edit: Sorry, looks like the deal is over.  However all the links below will take you to the companies latest pricing of these types of cards. Looks like regular cost of 4/4 recycled cards is $104 for 500 cards.

I have been designing a business card for my wife’s new venture and I got a requirement of WGI Logo making the product a) Green and b) Cheap.  I know, polar opposites.  It seems the more ‘green’ you are, the more expensive it becomes.  So I started my search via Goggling around.

I was fortunate enough to encounter Wizard Graphics, Inc. out in Chico California in my research.  They offer a special deal on their website for a 1000 4/4 color business cards printed on recycled paper with vegetable oil for the introductory offer of $25!!

You can find them here:

Main Website
Business Cards from Recycled Material
Special Deal Link
Template Links


Magic Number Machine

Lifehacker just posted a quick entry regarding Magic Number Machine.  I’ve been using this tool since I got my Mac – it’s simply amazing.  Magic Number Machine is an extremely powerful graphic calculator.  It does everything but sit up and beg.  The tool has come in very handy when I’m double-checking the kid’s homework — it’s been a long time since Algebra for me.  This takes all the grunt work out of the problems.

It’s Mac only and can be found here.