Mac trojan horse discovered in pirated Photoshop | Macworld

As reported on Macworld – OSX.Trojan.iServices.B, the second trojan to be found in the wild, has been identified by Intego.applevirus.png

[From Mac trojan horse discovered in pirated Photoshop | Macworld]

Here we go folks – these will start to come fast and furious now that someone has done some of the ground work. Make sure you get your software from known entities and not pirates. Keep in mind that you do still have to approve of any application to be installed on your Mac – so if you install one of these, it’s your own fault. So far these are trojans and not viruses – so the threat to your machine is limited. However, I would think that you’ll want to start protecting your Mac investments now rather than waiting for a real virus to show up.

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Picture 5.pngHere is another one of those sites that has made it to my RSS reader. WHEREWEDOWHATWEDO is a website devote to displaying user contributed photos of where they do the things that they do. I came across this site when I was looking for ideas for my new office design. While a lot of the pictures concentrate on the PC or Mac that is located in the office (I’m assuming that most of the people just live on their PCs/Mac like me…), there are quite a few that are unique and don’t feature high-tech hardware. It’s a wide collection of creative, and some times raw work environments that makes me look forward to each new posting. Do yourself a favor and add it to your favorite RSS reader — If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy spending some time seeing where people do the things that they do.   

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OpenDNS Finally Configured


Finally got around to spending 5 minutes configuring my home network to use OpenDNS. I figured that it is just one more layer of protection I can give my network. OpenDNS gives you the ability to perform internet filtering and gives you an additional layer of protection from phishing sites for free. It’s simply amazing that just a few years ago we used to pay for some major hardware/software solutions that provided the same level of protection. I know of quite a few companies that are still paying for subscription services for the something they could get for free now.

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The latest Mac Trojan can be avoided by not pirating software

I couldn’t agree more with the title of this blog entry from

An Intego Security Alert warns of a new exploit to threaten the tranquility of the Mac universe: OSX.Trojan.iServices.A Trojan Horse. [From The latest Mac Trojan can be avoided by not pirating software]

The first documented case of a Trojan for the Mac ‘in the wild’.

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UPDATED: ClamXav has already been updated for this trojan. Click here for info.