Mac trojan horse discovered in pirated Photoshop | Macworld

As reported on Macworld – OSX.Trojan.iServices.B, the second trojan to be found in the wild, has been identified by Intego.applevirus.png

[From Mac trojan horse discovered in pirated Photoshop | Macworld]

Here we go folks – these will start to come fast and furious now that someone has done some of the ground work. Make sure you get your software from known entities and not pirates. Keep in mind that you do still have to approve of any application to be installed on your Mac – so if you install one of these, it’s your own fault. So far these are trojans and not viruses – so the threat to your machine is limited. However, I would think that you’ll want to start protecting your Mac investments now rather than waiting for a real virus to show up.

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