Machine was toast

Well thanks solely to my tinkering with getting Netflix to work on my Hackintosh, I toasted the machine.  Or at least I got it into a state that it wouldn’t boot.  I got to the Apple symbol and that’s it.

I tried fixing my Netflix/Silverlight issue by attempting to fix my ‘About this Mac’ window – figuring that the installer in the Microsoft Silverlight was not seeing what it expected and not installing correctly.  I download OSx86 Tools and started to mess with that program to see if that tool could change the appropriate settings.  Well, it looks like I hit the wrong option/button, whatever.  After the next reboot, my machine wouldn’t come back up.

To get it running again this is what I did:

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Dated Material

I’ve help develop a couple of websites lately and I’ve been bitten once again by dated material found on the Internet.  I seriously hate it when you are doing research and you encounter what you think is a great page with pertinent data only to find out you based all your research on ‘yesterday’s’ technology/views/opinions.  I guess I’ve been running out of patience to do thorough work in some aspects.  Yet, I do think that anyone that attempts to share information, they should put it into context or at the very least put a date on their article/comment.

On this blog, I’ve been a little re-miss as well.  I’ve taken the easy route and just have the blogging software display the date that the article was published or edited.  I think I’ll need to do more than that as a vanity search has proven that people have been reproducing info from this site (thank you btw for stopping by and I do hope you found the information useful) and basically the reproduce information was ‘archaic’ as one commenter mentioned.  Now I’m not saying that I have any control of what people do with the information I post – but I think I’ll make more of a concerted effort to inform all readers that the information on this site has a limited usefulness lifespan.