Got My Spanning Sync – Get Your’s

save5make5_1.gifFinally got my Spanning Sync software registered. It had been running seamlessly in the background on multiple machines and no one had any complaints (until I let the demo period expire on me – then I heard about it….)

I highly recommend that you get the product if you’ve encountered all the limitations I’ve found in trying to get an easy solution for sharing a family calendar across multiple Macs and iPhones. I like the product so much, I’ve left a permanent link on my blog to save anyone else who is interested $5 on the software (full disclosure: I get the same kick back – not too shabby.)

You can get your $5 off by clicking here!

Big THANK YOU to Frank at the NJDOT Emergency Service Patrol

images.jpgA big THANK YOU to Frank at the NJDOT Emergency Service Patrol (North). Last night as I was driving one of the kids to practice and I had ran over a rather large nail in the dark on the major highway near my house. I was extremely fortunate that Frank came along not 30 seconds after I had pulled over and gotten out of the vehicle to inspect the damage. Frank explained to me that the Emergency Service Patrol offerred free roadside assistance for a number of items, including flats.

Now I’ve changed a tire or two or twenty in my time – but it’s so much easier when you watch someone else do it with power tools. I had flash backs to when I was a kid helping Dad – as Frank ask me to hold the flashlight. Frank had me up and out of there in about 15-20 minutes — it took awhile because the both of us had to figure out how to get the spare tire lowered from the truck. My fault really. This is the first car I’ve ever owned that I didn’t go over every inch of the car and it’s tools.

Again- Thanks Frank!


Mac Goodness: Spaces – Every Space option

AppleLogoSM.jpgThis is the second article in my Mac Goodness category. As I mentioned in my last article, these articles are to capture really interestingly cool things/features that I’ve learned about the Mac or OS X. Today’s article is on a configuration settings on the Spaces feature in OS X.

I’ve been using OS X’s Spaces feature since I first got the OS. I find it indispensable in my day to day work. For the complete Mac beginner out there, Spaces is a desktop virtualization software that comes bundled with OS X.

In any event, I have a dual monitor setup which one would think should give a person ample room to work. However, I find that even with two monitors, one can still run out of screen real estate. Using Spaces, I’ve created 6 different workspaces. I know, seems like over kill to have, in effect, a 12-monitor setup. However, I assure you.. it’s not.

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