Big THANK YOU to Frank at the NJDOT Emergency Service Patrol

images.jpgA big THANK YOU to Frank at the NJDOT Emergency Service Patrol (North). Last night as I was driving one of the kids to practice and I had ran over a rather large nail in the dark on the major highway near my house. I was extremely fortunate that Frank came along not 30 seconds after I had pulled over and gotten out of the vehicle to inspect the damage. Frank explained to me that the Emergency Service Patrol offerred free roadside assistance for a number of items, including flats.

Now I’ve changed a tire or two or twenty in my time – but it’s so much easier when you watch someone else do it with power tools. I had flash backs to when I was a kid helping Dad – as Frank ask me to hold the flashlight. Frank had me up and out of there in about 15-20 minutes — it took awhile because the both of us had to figure out how to get the spare tire lowered from the truck. My fault really. This is the first car I’ve ever owned that I didn’t go over every inch of the car and it’s tools.

Again- Thanks Frank!


2 thoughts on “Big THANK YOU to Frank at the NJDOT Emergency Service Patrol

  1. Last week I hit a pot hole entering the ramp to I- 78. I immediatiely got a flat tire and was awaiting for road side assistance. Frank (# 1819) came by and helped me out big time. He was very professional and courteous and made the entire experience effortless. Thank you Frank!! Great job!


  2. Dear ESP Director,

    This letter is to express our appreciation to you and your program especially one employee of your staff Stan Zurinski for his professionalism and care for the customer. On September 18th, Mr. Zurinski was very helpful in changing our flat tire on the RV in a very dangerous area on I-95. Stan had turned a stressful situation into a good one. Thank you for your professionalism and your speed and care in getting us back on the road safely. He is our Highway Hero!

    It should also be noted that Mr. Zurinski has a pleasant personality and a terrific attitude and is extremely knowledgeable. This is the type of service that customers value

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