Mac Goodness: Web Receipts

AppleLogoSM.jpgI’m starting a new category of blog articles specifically to track really interestingly cool things that I’ve stumbled upon or learned about the Mac and OS X. These article will probably be really short and maybe old hat for Mac veterans. However, I think these articles help relay some of the Mac experience and it’s intuitiveness to non-Mac or new Mac owners. I hope you like the articles and will leave some comments on what features you like.

The first of these articles will be Web Receipts. This is a feature that sort of hidden from normal use. Once you understand what it is – you won’t be able to stop using it.

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iPhone, Calendar and Google Calendar Syncing

I have spent months looking for a solution that would allow my family share a calendar, via iCal, on all the Macs and iPhones that are in the house. I’ve tried everything short of writing the code myself — and I was seriously thinking about writing it! Unfortunately life isn’t standing still as I try to resolve this issue so I’ve had to break down and look at some premium services that would allow me to make all my synchronization issues go away.


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