Seriously? 100% Increase for Blu-Ray Disc from NetFlix?

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Seriously – a 100% mark-up for Netflix Blu-ray DVD access – Now it’s an extra $2/month! Come on!! I rather pay that extra $2 for additional titles on your on-demand service instead. Considering that the delivery of that service per movie is saving a TON of money — hence they are probably making a killing.

(yes, I’m on the 1 DVD at a time plan — I find it a hassle to run out to the mailbox, when I can simply get a movie on demand.)


Addendum: And it gets worse. According to this story – Netflix stock increased 5% on news of the price increase. The story also mentions that Netflix had increase their Blu-ray stock by 60% (they pretty much have to do b/c of the consumer demand for Blu-ray content in my opinion. This should be chalked up to the cost of doing business.) Here’s the clincher – they cite that Blu-Ray titles are 30% more expensive… so they decided that it’s fair to up the Blu-ray fee 100% to the consumer. Seriously… what the hell?

3 thoughts on “Seriously? 100% Increase for Blu-Ray Disc from NetFlix?

  1. I agree that it is a hassle to run to the mailbox. I tried Netflix for awhile but switched to a VUDU Box so I don’t have to leave my couch. Some call it lazy, I call it convenience.

  2. It’s the second price hike for Blu-Ray in less than 6 months. It’s a price gouging switch and bait and shouldn’t be tolerated.

    Did you happen to notice their stock jumped 5% in the few hours after the price hike announcement went out?

    I’m sick of these automatic price hikes for loyal customers and am subsequently canceling my Netflix service. I won’t stand for that kind of treatment.

  3. @John – If the rates for Netflix keep going up, I may switch.

    @Liz – Good for you! I’m going to give a little bit more time as there are a couple of more documentaries I’d like to catch. However, if they don’t increase their on-demand content, I too will be dropping them.

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