Browsers do make a difference

images.jpegOn both my hackintosh and my Dell Mini 9 have had some serious video performance issues with both Hulu and Netflix. I thought it was because of the ktext files I’ve used for the build. However, it nagged me that other owners of the Mini 9 have had no issues with video performance from Hulu and Netflix. After a bit of research I found out that people were using Safari as opposed to my favorite browser Firefox.   

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit, but I simply changed my browser to Safari to access those services. No more performance issues.


Sleep Bug with Dell Mini 9

dellmini9.pngFound a new issue with the Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh that took a little bit of time to fix. If I have a USB drive mounted when the system goes into sleep mode – basically when I close the lid of the machine. When the machine comes back on, I get an error message saying that the USB drive has been removed incorrectly and that there maybe some data corruption.

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Dell Mini 9 – Just Over 1 week In

dellmini9.pngThe last couple of days been just gorgeous outside. Now that I have a newly hackintoshed Dell Mini 9, I’ve spent the last couple of days outside with it instead of indoors with the big machine. I have to say that, for my needs, the device has worked admirably as a stand in for the big machine. It blows my mind the number of negative reviews there are out on the internet about the device.

Yes, it’s underpowered. Yes, it does have a small screen. Yes, it doesn’t have a large hard drive. Yet, these are the things are also it’s strong points. Having such an “underpowered” machine makes you really think about what you’re going to be able to do with the machine. It forces you to make compromises – which in the end, doesn’t really affect the quality of your work, but may end up saving you a ton money.

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