Installation update on the Mini 9

Dellmini9.pngAfter some reading online and playing around with my Mini 9, I was able to get two finger scrolling and sleep mode working. I also found out that I was using a much older version of the DellEFI program. After the jump some details.

Here is where you can get v1.1 of DellEFI. Keep watch on this forum as this version number will change.

Read and execute the application in this thread to get two-finger scrolling to work.

To get sleep mode working, I had to turn off ‘Legacy USB Support’ in the BIOS. I’ll have to remember to reset it when I need to boot off of a DOS USB stick. However, it is really nice to have sleep mode back.

Thus the only problem I have with the machine is that Hibernation isn’t working. According to the forums that I’ve visited, its not going to be possible with this hardware setup. Fortunately, the DellEFI program automatically turns hibernation off and it removes any existing hibernation sleep file. That file can be 1.25 times the size of your RAM – in my case it could be as high as 2.5 gigs! If you are seeing an error message about a corrupt hibernation file when you reboot your machine, you probably have to manually remove the hibernation file. Use this thread for instructions on how to remove the file.

Oh — I do have another pet peeve. The apostrophe and double quote button on the keyboard is in a really bad spot. You don’t know how often you use apostrophe until you try to find it. Being a touch typist for the last 26 years, this is a real pain.


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