Apple MMS = a Kick in the teeth

Iphone.pngWell its about damn time that the iPhone had native MMS capabilities. As soon as I got home today I updated my Wife’s 3G. The upgrade was short and sweet. A reboot later and boom : MMS. It’s a wonderful thing.

The kick in the teeth? I have a 2G. Basically a $200 paperweight that plays music. MMS? No love for me.

According to Apple, the 2G’s hardware can’t handle MMS, yet, if you jailbreak your phone, plenty of MMS loving.

Oh and to add insult to injury, at work my cube neighbor has her 2G jailbroken and with her TMobile service, she is able to get full bar reception in our part of the IT dungeon. AT&T Service = “No Service”.

Seriously questioning keeping this phone now.


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