OS X 10.6.3 Updates

happymac.jpg Ahhh.. thought I forgot about you? No, no, my poor little blog, I haven’t forgotten. Look what I got. Yes, it’s new content. Yes, I know how much you like new content.

Seriously, it’s been some time since I’ve updated the blog. Shame on me, there were a number of opportunities that were perfect for the blog. I’ll start small and see if I can keep additional content coming. Out of the gate – I’d like to talk about my OS X 10.6.3 upgrade.

First, on the big Hackintosh machine:

Yeah – this isn’t really worth a blog entry: It worked. I simply chose the package from Software Update and everything worked after a reboot. So very relieved that it didn’t cause any issues.

Now, on the Dell Mini 9:

This was slightly more complex, but not by much.

I had heard that 10.6.2 didn’t work with the Dell Mini 9 so I pretty much stayed away from the release. With the release of 10.6.3, I went back to My Dell Mini forums to see if anyone had figured out how to get 10.6.3 to work on the MInis. Sure enough, it was all figured out. Here’s the thread: 10.6.3 vs Atom Support?

After upgrading to NBI .8.4RC1, the installation went smoothly – except for sound. To get sound back, I simply had to reboot a couple of times and it magically started working again. Go figure.

Woohoo! both machines fully updated and patched. What more can you ask for?


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  1. While the speed issue is not a huge deal to me, you make a good point. The iPhone (in it’s current state) will never run at 3g on Tmobile. It’s a tehcaicnl fault. Even with that, I’m still tempted to stay with Tmobile and spend an absurd amount of money on a 3Gs. Part of it is just the rebellious kid who wants to say Screw you! to AT&T It’s not really any of the features that are the draw of the iPhone 3Gs for me, it’s their execution. Android can do some cool things, but It’s not the iPhone. It’s not as well integrated, or a smoothly executed as the iPhone. Also, as long as I have an iPhone, I know that it’s going to work with my Mac.

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