Sharing via iTunes Playlists

201006282028.jpg Now that I’ve pretty much ended my quest for a great calendaring solution for the family, I’ve turn my attention to sharing our media. Like a lot of families, I have a ton of music, pictures, and video scattered acrossed a number of machines. I’ve corralled a lot of this data to one SAMBA share on my Ubuntu server. This is good – as now I have one central place for all data that my family can now avoid on purpose. “What server?”, “uh, where can I find that movie/song/pic?”, etc. No matter, I will win them over soon (well… eventually.)

In any event, my wife asked me last night to put some new songs on her iPhone as all she has is older music – her musice dated back to circa 2009. Biting back the first sarcastic comment that came to mind (“You can find it on the server..”), I said sure. This little exercise was going to eat through my evening. Just because everything is in one location, everyone has their own iTunes database and none of them are up to date with the contents of collection. I thought I would have to blow away her iTunes database and import everything in the library again, or I would have to at least manually add every new song. However, I found a neat little procedure that save a ton of time and thought I would share it.

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Verizon Fios – oh so painful…

Screen shot 2010-06-05 at [June 5]2.53.35 PM.png I love the FiOS technology. I’m fortunate enough to live in an area that offers the service. When it came to my area, I jumped on the opportunity and believe it or not, I was able to shave a lot of money off my Cablevision bill. However, not long after I got the service, Cablevision came around, house-to-house, and offered a deal i couldn’t refuse – $99/month and they will pay for my 4 set top boxes. Even though I prefer the superior quality of FiOS, the Cablevision offer knocked another $50 off my entertainment bill. So I switched.

Well, that deal is coming to an end and so I started looking at FiOS again. Online, they have a great deal – $64.99/month. I configured my order with 1 multi-room DVR, 2 HD set top boxes (STB), and one standard STB — this put me at $99.98/month!

Awesome deal right? Better technology, about the same price — how can I not go back?! Easy – Verizon customer service is sorely lacking (and they still could not beat Cablevision’s pricing – not yet anyway.)

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