Multiline Signature with Good Techologies iPhone Application

Real quick post as I like to share the knowledge when I actually stumble across something I find interesting:

I’m lucky enough to use my personal iPhone to access Exchange email at one of my clients.  They use Good Technologies as a mobile solution for all smartphones aside from BlackBerries.  In any event, I’ve downloaded the latest version of the iPhone app (v1.9.0.516), and was having some difficulties creating a multiline signature block.  All attempts made my signature information show up on the same line.

After giving up for the weekend, I came back on Monday full of rest and coffee to tackle the issue again.  (I mean what could be more important than my signature block?) 

Then it dawned on me: use HTML tags.  As soon as I put in the appropriate <br /> code in the right spot, everything worked.

Good luck!


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