Learning iOS Development – Day 1: Seriously? Again?

ios5.jpgOnce again, I’m heading back into the development world. Over the last few years I haven’t done any serious development as I was more concerned about finding a gig and some stabilization in my life. Now that I’m in a gig and my life has settle into somewhat of a routine, I decide to start looking into getting back into some programming. I figure it’s better than spending my time watching TV or catching up on movies. Maybe I can come out of this little exercise with a published program. Who knows?

In any event, I figure I would just jump on the bandwagon and start writing some iOS applications – or at least check out what’s all the fuss about. I tried picking up Cocoa before in the past – I think I made it for a couple of weeks before I gave up and went back to the rat race. Now I know that if I were smart, especially if i want to write cross-platform mobile apps, I would probably not be learning iOS programming per se, but looking into a number of the frameworks and languages that are now available for that purpose. I think my biggest reason for getting into iOS is that I just want to write on my MacBook. It’s as simple as that. I want to just immerse myself in one environment and enjoy that for awhile.

My friends have given me a few ideas on what type of application to write. Of course, I’ve research the hell out of the ideas, as I’m prone to do, and they already have applications built for them. But who’s says you can’t open another burger joint in the same town? I’m not saying that I’ll do it better, but I think that since the idea already has an app, I have at least a target to shoot for.

The last time I tried learning this, I went to a book and started the laborious study and coding loop. That cycle is a little boring. This time I’m trying out a video on Safari Online. Since I’m paying for a subscription, I figure I better use it. I chose Learning To Build Apps For iPhone-iPad by Tony Bove. I’m writing this blog entry as I’m listening the intro clips. So far, it’s a little rudimental .. but it’s just starting. We will see if it keeps my attention.

I hope to update this blog as much as possible with my learning experiences. We shall see how well I do as I haven’t added any content to this site in months. Maybe the pressure of a blog entry will keep me interested in learning to program in iOS? Who knows?


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