Silverlight Already Installed

Silverlight.pngSilverlight for some reason decided to take a Holiday during my Holiday. Ever eager to solve a technical issue during family events, I decided to start looking around for a solution. The installer package kept telling me I had a later version of Silverlight already installed. Very frustrating.
After about an hour goggling and trying a ton of different things, I came across something that was very close to the answer:

Talking Moose detailed a pretty good uninstall instructions. Even after following the all the steps I still had the same issue. I had to resort to the manual removal method… with a slight twist.

Provided instructions states to do this:

sudo rm /private/var/db/receipts/*silverlight*

However, instead of just arbitrarily removing everything with silverlight in it’s name, I performed a directory listing. Good thing I didn’t as my version of Office 2011 has it’s own version of Silverlight installed. Also, there was another package: Notice the capitalization on Silverlight — this is why the package didn’t show itself in the given directions.

I simply executed from the /private/var/db/receipts/ directory:

sudo pkgutil –forget

This allowed me to run the latest installer. No reboot any other clean up needed. Woot! Thanks Moose!


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  1. Thanks for yet another thing to try. Unfortunately, even with Silverlight completely removed from all files, I still get that same message that a newer version is already installed. As you know, it’s VERY frustrating. I’m glad it worked for you and others, but now I feel completely hopeless!:o(

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