cps-WhatsNew – Newsletter for Calibre-web

Thought I would do a quick post on a new git repo I just put together:  cps-WhatsNew.

Its Python script that puts together a newsletter for the calibre-web repo.  I love the calibre-web repo as an interface to my calibre instance.  For my purposes, I thought it would be cool to send an email newsletter letting users know what new books have been posted.

While I haven’t tested it, I’m sure it would work for most OPDS feeds.  — Maybe with some minor adjustments to the book thumbnail code.

In any event, this was my first official Python script.  I’m sure its over-commentated and over-engineered – just like everything else I do!   I think it turn out well.  I used/learned, besides general Python, templating with jinja2 (without flask), a great emailing package – marrow, in-depth logging.  Also starting using JetBrains PyCharm IDE – Community Edition.  Excellent IDE of which i’m certain I would never use it to its fullest. (good GIT integration!)

I’m pretty impressed with Python.  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to take the time to start learning the language.

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