I’m John Taylor and I’m a reforming tech tweaker. I’ve been in the computing world since ’89 and since then, I’ve been tweaking everything I can get my hands on.

I started this blog to give back a little bit to the community. I’m constantly searching the net for useful tidbits to help me in my current projects. Some of those tidbits are obscure and difficult to find. I figured that if I just took a couple of minutes to blog it, anyone else in my situation would be able to find that bit of information easier.

In 2007, I moved from the comfortable world of Windows for my main computing platform onto Ubuntu and I used the Net a LOT to make that happen.  However, the rest of my household is on Mac – since the release of OS X, I’ve converted my entire house from Windows to Mac. Now my computer ‘honey-do’ list is basically nil. I don’t have to rebuild machines b/c of adware or slowness, etc. It’s so very very nice.

Since January 08, I’ve switch off Ubuntu and gone to OS X myself.  Originally I want to remodel my office first so that I will have a proper pedestal to put that 30″ LCD panel and G5 Pro.  That didn’t happen.  I went cheap and built me a Hackintosh and I love love love it.  (However, I may just cave and buy a big Mac Pro — although a part of me is hoping that Apple opens up their EULA license before then.)

In any event, I hope you find this blog helpful in some small way.  Feel free to drop a comment or two.


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