Privacy & Copyrights


Okay – no legal-speak here. Plain and simple: any Images and/or works mentioned in this blog will be credited to it’s authors, if I don’t already have their permission to display their work. If I don’t have permission, my intent is to fall within the Fair Use Doctrine laid out by the U.S. Copyright Office. If you believe that any work reproduced on this site doesn’t fall within that Doctrine, please let me know immediately by sending me an email.

Send the email to . Please include the following:

Location and specific item that is of concern
Reason for concern – including why you believe there is a violation
A return email address (phone number if necessary)
I hope others will also treat my material in the way I respect theirs.


Yeah, there isn’t enough of it any more. I hate SPAM – so I will never sell anyone’s email address. I make reasonable efforts in securing the data that this site captures. However, I didn’t design this software, or it’s database backend, if there is a security breach that hasn’t been addressed by the Open Source community, I can’t be held liable. In addition, if you leave your email address in the body of a comment or news article, you’re on your own.