cps-WhatsNew – Newsletter for Calibre-web

Thought I would do a quick post on a new git repo I just put together:  cps-WhatsNew.

Its Python script that puts together a newsletter for the calibre-web repo.  I love the calibre-web repo as an interface to my calibre instance.  For my purposes, I thought it would be cool to send an email newsletter letting users know what new books have been posted.

While I haven’t tested it, I’m sure it would work for most OPDS feeds.  — Maybe with some minor adjustments to the book thumbnail code.

In any event, this was my first official Python script.  I’m sure its over-commentated and over-engineered – just like everything else I do!   I think it turn out well.  I used/learned, besides general Python, templating with jinja2 (without flask), a great emailing package – marrow, in-depth logging.  Also starting using JetBrains PyCharm IDE – Community Edition.  Excellent IDE of which i’m certain I would never use it to its fullest. (good GIT integration!)

I’m pretty impressed with Python.  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to take the time to start learning the language.

New Site Theme

I’ve been playing around with a lot of different themes for this blog lately. The problem with themes is that they still require customization. You can spend hours tweaking someone’s theme and decide that it’s not for your site. I’ve gone through so many of those!

I think I’m finally settling on this theme called Freelancer by GeneratePress. It’s clean, responsive, and free! Also, it’s pretty simple and simple is all I really need for a blog site. Trying not to over engineer everything in my life.

In any event, I hadn’t updated this blog in over a year and I do have a number of articles I was thinking about writing. Now that I’m ‘happy’ with the design/layout of the site, I may actually do some writing!

PowerShell Logging Module

(Edited 11/30/15 – Completely forgot SqlChow’s contributions! Sorry!)

Wow – two blog posts in two days!  A record for me.  So today’s post I wanted to try something new.  I wanted to start sharing some of my code via a download over this WordPress CMS. Well, that’s not the only reason, I do like to share stuff so if this helps someone out, leave a comment, etc.

So the very first download I want to do was a very useful module that I hobbled together that I used in some of my automated PowerShell scripts — a logging module!

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Corrupted BIOS on my Hackintosh

The scariest thing happen to me last night after a very long gaming session.  If you read this blog you know my daily driver is a Hackintosh.  I try not to upgrade or tweak it too much considering it’s my daily work machine.  Here’s what happened:

Earlier in the night, I had bounce the machine to reboot it into Windows 7 so that I could play some serious Battlefield 4. After about 6 hours or so (okay, maybe 8), I finally shut down for the night.  I always reboot back into the Mac side so that I don’t have to worry about rebooting in the morning, etc.  This time, when I rebooted, I heard my machine “clunk” twice.   Yes – “clunk” – not a simple click or beep.  Once the machine powered up the display, I got this error (image stolen from internet):


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