I am NOT a camper….Day 2

Why, oh why, do campsites insist on installing an oscillating ceiling fan beneath a light in a bathroom? Random flashbacks of 70s slasher flicks went through my head as I prepared for the morning at the KOA campsite in Sugarloaf Key, Fl. I am not a camper, clearly. The wife decided with local friends in the Florida area to go on a week camping trip for the family summer vacation this year. “Sure! Why not go h.elp clean up the gulf from the oil spill?” wasn’t the appropriate response, so I conceded. Besides Life 2.0 (more about that in another article) was my idea and I better make good on it. Of course, none of this was going through my head at 7am standing at the urinal as a large burly man came into the bathroom. No. I’m thinking this is where I’m going to die.

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Verizon Fios – oh so painful…

Screen shot 2010-06-05 at [June 5]2.53.35 PM.png I love the FiOS technology. I’m fortunate enough to live in an area that offers the service. When it came to my area, I jumped on the opportunity and believe it or not, I was able to shave a lot of money off my Cablevision bill. However, not long after I got the service, Cablevision came around, house-to-house, and offered a deal i couldn’t refuse – $99/month and they will pay for my 4 set top boxes. Even though I prefer the superior quality of FiOS, the Cablevision offer knocked another $50 off my entertainment bill. So I switched.

Well, that deal is coming to an end and so I started looking at FiOS again. Online, they have a great deal – $64.99/month. I configured my order with 1 multi-room DVR, 2 HD set top boxes (STB), and one standard STB — this put me at $99.98/month!

Awesome deal right? Better technology, about the same price — how can I not go back?! Easy – Verizon customer service is sorely lacking (and they still could not beat Cablevision’s pricing – not yet anyway.)

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Daddy’s Got a “New” Keyboard


Okay, I couldn’t wait the couple of weeks more before Microsoft came out with their next version of Intellipoint. If you’ve been following along you’ll know that I’ve recently upgraded to Snow Leopard on my big machine. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t have a 64-bit version of their Intellipoint software for my Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000. The keyboard still works, but none of the special buttons. Especially the remapping of the Windows and Alt keys – this basically makes the Windows keyboard layout like a Mac keyboard.

It took me a week to remember but I did remember that about two years ago I bought a USB Bluetooth dongle along with a bluetooth headset. Since I really didn’t need the USB Bluetooth dongle, it sat in a box in the basement. Plus the two aging iMacs in the kid’s study room have been shutoff since they got laptops, thus their bluetooth keyboards were not in use…

I made the jump. I’m now typing this useless blog entry about a new keyboard on the newly setup Mac Wireless Keyboard on my Hackintosh. Not a lot of special buttons… ooo an Eject button… woohoo… However, there are 16 function buttons. Not sure what to do with all of them, but I’m sure I’ll find a use. Most importantly, the keyboard layout is perfect. The only complaint I have is that the keyboard is stark white, which really doesn’t go with the silver and black layout I have. Oh well, having the right keyboard layout is that important to me.

Now if I could just get the apostrophe key moved on my Dell Mini 9