Corrupted BIOS on my Hackintosh

The scariest thing happen to me last night after a very long gaming session.  If you read this blog you know my daily driver is a Hackintosh.  I try not to upgrade or tweak it too much considering it’s my daily work machine.  Here’s what happened:

Earlier in the night, I had bounce the machine to reboot it into Windows 7 so that I could play some serious Battlefield 4. After about 6 hours or so (okay, maybe 8), I finally shut down for the night.  I always reboot back into the Mac side so that I don’t have to worry about rebooting in the morning, etc.  This time, when I rebooted, I heard my machine “clunk” twice.   Yes – “clunk” – not a simple click or beep.  Once the machine powered up the display, I got this error (image stolen from internet):


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I am NOT a camper ….Day 3

DId you know it rains in southern Florida almost every day? Generally there’s a small shower that passes through on it’s way to more important places. This all well and good as the rain does bring down the temperature and the humidity – at least for a while. What we experienced yesterday was nothing like those nice gentle showers. Ever since we crossed into the state, every afternoon rain shower was more akin to a monsoon with pelting, hurting rain than a gentle shower. Yesterday’s afternoon shower was the worst yet and it decided to stick around for awhile.

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I am NOT a camper….Day 2

Why, oh why, do campsites insist on installing an oscillating ceiling fan beneath a light in a bathroom? Random flashbacks of 70s slasher flicks went through my head as I prepared for the morning at the KOA campsite in Sugarloaf Key, Fl. I am not a camper, clearly. The wife decided with local friends in the Florida area to go on a week camping trip for the family summer vacation this year. “Sure! Why not go h.elp clean up the gulf from the oil spill?” wasn’t the appropriate response, so I conceded. Besides Life 2.0 (more about that in another article) was my idea and I better make good on it. Of course, none of this was going through my head at 7am standing at the urinal as a large burly man came into the bathroom. No. I’m thinking this is where I’m going to die.

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