Special: Business Cards – Recycled Paper/Vegetable Oil

Edit: Sorry, looks like the deal is over.  However all the links below will take you to the companies latest pricing of these types of cards. Looks like regular cost of 4/4 recycled cards is $104 for 500 cards.

I have been designing a business card for my wife’s new venture and I got a requirement of WGI Logo making the product a) Green and b) Cheap.  I know, polar opposites.  It seems the more ‘green’ you are, the more expensive it becomes.  So I started my search via Goggling around.

I was fortunate enough to encounter Wizard Graphics, Inc. out in Chico California in my research.  They offer a special deal on their website for a 1000 4/4 color business cards printed on recycled paper with vegetable oil for the introductory offer of $25!!

You can find them here:

Main Website
Business Cards from Recycled Material
Special Deal Link
Template Links


Carrotmob – Organizing Consumers for Socially Beneficial Choices

Carrotmob – A real quick note on a fantastic organization with a pretty innovated idea on how to improve the world we live in.  I StumbleUpon a video created by the organizers of Carrotmob this morning and I thought it was just fantastic.  In a nutshell, Carrotmob organizes consumers so that coporations will have a financial incentive to improve the way the do business.  This is a very powerful concept as the incentive to do good is coming directly from the consumers and not some faceless tax law or corporate accountant.

Click on the link and watch the videos of their efforts.


Toyota vs. GM – Who is Greener?

Michael d’Estries blogged on Groovy Green today about Toyota’s President Katsuaki Watanabe announcing that Toyota will have a plug-in hybrid vehicle by 2010. It’s a quick read – to get the back story on this headliner. In essence, Toyota now is promising to have a vehicle to challenge GM’s Volt.

Although it’s really good to see that car manufacturer’s are looking to become greener – is it really only to sell to a niche clientele?

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