Library to allow PowerShell scripts to write a log to an ASCII log file, a set of circular ASCII log files, or to the Event Log, or all three!


  • ASCII File: Create a log file to an ASCII file. This is meant for scripts that do not execute on scheduled basis.
  • Circular Log File: Create a series of ASCII log files with a set number in the series and size per file. This will allow you to keep a limited number of logs on disk and the script will clean up after itself.
  • Windows Event Logging: The module will allow you to write to the Windows Event log as well. It will create a new Event Log (default ‘Multilogv1’) and a new source with a custom name.
  • Log Levels The module will allow you set a certain log level for a particular log. In conjunction with a -LogLevel parameter in the Write event, will give developers the ability to set different levels of logging.

You can find more information in this blog post.

The PowerShell module is hosted on GitHub: