Netflix Woes

[Edit: If you are here to get some ideas on how to get Netflix streaming working, go to this article instead to see what finally worked for me.]

I’ve been meaning to post this article for awhile, but RL got in the way.  In any event, after performing my 10.5.6 upgrade I was very happy that, once again, I had a fully functional Hackintosh.

And then I broke it.

As some of you may be aware, that Netflix now supports Macs in their movie streaming service.  Since every workstation in the house is a Mac of one variety or another, I thought that joining Netflix to stream, albeit older, movies would be pretty cool.

Little did I know, this would lead me to a small tour of Hotel Grief …

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Hackintosh and 10.5.6

Felt a little brave today and decided to attempt a 10.5.6 upgrade of my machine on the first day of the OS release.  Using the directions that I’ve posted about before, I was able to successfully upgrade with only a couple of gotchas.

Remember – backup everything first!  I again used SuperDuper and my handy-dandy Acom Firewire drive to ensure that I could bring back my existing setup.

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