Some additions to my D80

I started the summer thinking that I would be taking a lot of photographs on my Nikon D80 – the truth of it is that I haven’t found a ton of time.  The few opportunities that did pop up, I either didn’t have my camera on me, or the conditions weren’t exactly right (major downpour, etc.)  However, none of this has prevented me from buying more stuff for my camera!


Going into the July 4th weekend I thought I would try my hand at some taking some shots of fireworks.  My family was invited to spend the 4th watching some fireworks put on by the local township.  We attempted this last year, but we arrived after the local township had closed off the roads.  In any event, to prepare for the event, I had went ahead and purchased a Nikon MC-DC1 Remote cord.  I picked it up at Amazon and while I was there, I decided to pick up a Nikon ML-L3 Remote Control.


31E7NXXWWTL._SL500_AA280_ The Nikon MC-DC1 Remote cord is a relatively simple device.  You don’t really need to read the instructions!  (well.. yes you do.)  I did read the  instructions and it does say that you should not plug the cord into your camera while the power was on.  Easy enough instructions to follow.  The cord has one button on it with a slider attached to it.  The slider will allow you to keep the button depressed until you unlock the slider.  Keep in mind if you do this you may want to go full manual on your camera and set the shutter speed to Bulb – otherwise, it’s not very helpful. 


The Nikon ML-L3 Remote Control was a impulse buy, but I thought it would nice to have instead of relying on the timer function of the camera.  I hate using things like that –  it reminds me of cheesy movie scenes.  “Hey everyone get ready for the shot!” And then Dad runs around to join the group, etc.  I rather be the cool guy with the remote.  The remote basically has one button on it.  To prep it, you basically pull the plastic tab that allows the battery to contact the remote.  Then set you camera up for remote control and viola! instant remote. 


The setup of the remote control makes me curious of how many people accidentally set off someone else’s camera at popular tourist locations.  I recently went to Walt Disney World and the most popular camera I saw there was the Nikon D80 with the 18-200mm VR zoom lens.  I think there were more of the D80s than point and shoots!


In any event the devices seem to work well.  I haven’t been able to used them for any real shooting as the July 4th fireworks were under a constant drizzle/rain.  So I was too chicken to break out the camera.  oh well.. next time.