Verizon Fios – oh so painful…

Screen shot 2010-06-05 at [June 5]2.53.35 PM.png I love the FiOS technology. I’m fortunate enough to live in an area that offers the service. When it came to my area, I jumped on the opportunity and believe it or not, I was able to shave a lot of money off my Cablevision bill. However, not long after I got the service, Cablevision came around, house-to-house, and offered a deal i couldn’t refuse – $99/month and they will pay for my 4 set top boxes. Even though I prefer the superior quality of FiOS, the Cablevision offer knocked another $50 off my entertainment bill. So I switched.

Well, that deal is coming to an end and so I started looking at FiOS again. Online, they have a great deal – $64.99/month. I configured my order with 1 multi-room DVR, 2 HD set top boxes (STB), and one standard STB — this put me at $99.98/month!

Awesome deal right? Better technology, about the same price — how can I not go back?! Easy – Verizon customer service is sorely lacking (and they still could not beat Cablevision’s pricing – not yet anyway.)

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Special: Business Cards – Recycled Paper/Vegetable Oil

Edit: Sorry, looks like the deal is over.  However all the links below will take you to the companies latest pricing of these types of cards. Looks like regular cost of 4/4 recycled cards is $104 for 500 cards.

I have been designing a business card for my wife’s new venture and I got a requirement of WGI Logo making the product a) Green and b) Cheap.  I know, polar opposites.  It seems the more ‘green’ you are, the more expensive it becomes.  So I started my search via Goggling around.

I was fortunate enough to encounter Wizard Graphics, Inc. out in Chico California in my research.  They offer a special deal on their website for a 1000 4/4 color business cards printed on recycled paper with vegetable oil for the introductory offer of $25!!

You can find them here:

Main Website
Business Cards from Recycled Material
Special Deal Link
Template Links