Ecto 3 – Windows Live Writer Killer (for me)

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Disregard my last post about Back in the Saddle with Live Writer — I’ve found Nirvana in Ecto v3 for the Mac. No longer will I have that icky feeling firing up a Windows VM to run a blog editor. Now I can concentrate on just producing content and not worry about interoperability or resource consumption. I think I’m going to cry.

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Ecto Beta 3 – MS Live Writer Replacement?

I read an interesting review of Ecto in my daily meanderings through the blogsphere yesterdaecto logoy.   Just like the article’s author, I’m constantly on the look out for a MS Live Writer replacement for the Mac.  Although my current setup works – there is something evil, dirty, shameful about firing up a whole VM running Vista JUST to use a blog editor.  (Ye Gods! why is MS Live Writer so damn good?!).

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