Got My Spanning Sync – Get Your’s

save5make5_1.gifFinally got my Spanning Sync software registered. It had been running seamlessly in the background on multiple machines and no one had any complaints (until I let the demo period expire on me – then I heard about it….)

I highly recommend that you get the product if you’ve encountered all the limitations I’ve found in trying to get an easy solution for sharing a family calendar across multiple Macs and iPhones. I like the product so much, I’ve left a permanent link on my blog to save anyone else who is interested $5 on the software (full disclosure: I get the same kick back – not too shabby.)

You can get your $5 off by clicking here!

iPhone, Calendar and Google Calendar Syncing

I have spent months looking for a solution that would allow my family share a calendar, via iCal, on all the Macs and iPhones that are in the house. I’ve tried everything short of writing the code myself — and I was seriously thinking about writing it! Unfortunately life isn’t standing still as I try to resolve this issue so I’ve had to break down and look at some premium services that would allow me to make all my synchronization issues go away.


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Installing Apple’s Darwin Calendar Server

(Due to Cmmj’s initial efforts an official Ubuntu wiki article has been created)

Ah… It’s a new year. Time to dust off those old forgotten projects and renew energy and see if we can get them completed. One of my projects that I started last year was to get a Family Calendar installed so that the family could use any of the PCs or Macs in the house to see our schedules. Yes, I do have a wall calendar, but where’s the fun in that?

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