First Look: Amazon Kindle for iPhone

I was going to write about this on my blog as I just downloaded the application today… but I I like the way The Apple Blog put it:

kindleThat sound you heard across the Internet late Tuesday night was every tech blogger on the planet clicking on iTunes to download the new Kindle for iPhone app. This free app lets you read any of the hundreds of thousands of books that are available in Amazon’s Kindle Store. The Kindle for iPhone boasts the following features…

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The only two cents I have to add is that I connected both my wife’s 3G and my 2G iPhones to the same Amazon account and we can now share any online purchases. I’ve already purchased Divine Justice by David Baldacci.


Got My Spanning Sync – Get Your’s

save5make5_1.gifFinally got my Spanning Sync software registered. It had been running seamlessly in the background on multiple machines and no one had any complaints (until I let the demo period expire on me – then I heard about it….)

I highly recommend that you get the product if you’ve encountered all the limitations I’ve found in trying to get an easy solution for sharing a family calendar across multiple Macs and iPhones. I like the product so much, I’ve left a permanent link on my blog to save anyone else who is interested $5 on the software (full disclosure: I get the same kick back – not too shabby.)

You can get your $5 off by clicking here!

iPhone, Calendar and Google Calendar Syncing

I have spent months looking for a solution that would allow my family share a calendar, via iCal, on all the Macs and iPhones that are in the house. I’ve tried everything short of writing the code myself — and I was seriously thinking about writing it! Unfortunately life isn’t standing still as I try to resolve this issue so I’ve had to break down and look at some premium services that would allow me to make all my synchronization issues go away.


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Apple "Bricked" my iPhone


Looks like the activation servers for iTunes are seriously swamped with requests.  Looks like their capacity planning folks failed in their job and didn’t anticipate the demands for a world wide roll-out of a new iPhone and a firmware upgrade of older iPhones and IPod Touch devices.  Well, it’s not like they had MONTHS to prepare for it.


So when I plugged my phone this morning, iTunes popped up and told me that the v2.0 was ready and if I’d like to install it.  uhm… Hell yes!  iTunes downloaded the new firmware, backed up my phone, placed the new firmware on the phone and restarted the phone.  Once the phone is back online, it was to go back to iTunes and ‘re-activate’ (I guess).  Since the servers are swamped, I get an unknown iTunes Store error of -9838.

The phone can now only be used for emergency phone calls.  Which is very disappointing – but I’m also a little relieve to see that the Apple had the ability to put that functionality into the phone without the phone being activated.

Anyway – don’t call me… at least for a few hours.  Hopefully Apple will fix their issues and I’ll be in v2.0 Heaven soon.