iPhone v2.0 Apps

Iphone Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of months, you know that the new iPhone 3G is being released in the US and that older iPhones and IPod Touchs will be getting new firmware – v2.0.  I’ve been reading articles all day about reviews on the newest applications, the early availability of the firmware, and the App Store in iTunes — I’m very excited.

I can wait the additional 12-16 hours to get my firmware officially downloaded — thus I’m not going to download and muck around with the ‘discovered’ version out there.  (There are a lot of reports that it works fine and the owners have already downloaded and played with a lot of the applications.)  However, I had to upgrade my iTunes to v7.7 as soon as it became available on Software Update this morning.  Since then, I’ve been browsing the App Store for software that I want to get and play with immediately.

I have already downloaded these to my machine – can’t install them on my phone till I upgrade the phone to v2.0:

AIM – AOL’s chat client
eReader – software to allow you to read eBooks
Evernote – My favorite Note/Snippet application now has a ‘native’ client
Google Mobile App – collection of Google’s tools
Jirbo Arcade – Collection of kid games
MixMeister Scratch – YES!  application that will allow you to scratch to your own library of music. wicky-wicky..
Mobile News Network – News aggregator of some sort
MotionX-Poker – dice game – see below for link
NearPics – See if anyone has posted any pictures based on your location.  Not sure how well this will work on the older iPhone
NetNewsWire – my favorite news aggregator has a native client
People – white pages lookup application
Save Benjis – application to do online shopping/comparison – useful when you are physically shopping and you want a quick cost comparison.
Shazam – application that tell you what song is playing by listening to it over the iPhone mic.
Spinner Prologue – maze game
Travelocity TravelTools – tools from Travelocity – flight arrival times/delays, etc.
WHERE – application to give you a map of popular places like all the nearby Starbucks.
Zenbe Lists – List application

The only one I purchased was MotionX-Poker.  Check out the video here and you’ll buy it too.

I wasn’t very productive today as I’ve been reading all these articles and applications.  I suspect that tomorrow will be the same.