MacBook 13.3″ LCD Replacement


Ahhh… kids…. such bliss. What could be better? Kids and laptops… or rather broken laptops.  

One of the kids’ 13.3″ MacBook LCD screen was damage – magically, of course. The screen had two very serious cracks which rendered the device pretty much useless. However, that didn’t stop them from using it anyway.. In any event, this is a quick article to point out a couple of really great resources to perform your own upgrade.

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MacBook Dead Harddrive – Lesson Learned


The hard disk in one of the kids’ Macbook finally bit the dust.  No matter how many times you  tell them that they just can’t move their laptop immediately after closing the lid, they are still going to do it.  It does take a few seconds for the MacBook to write it’s RAM to disk before you can move the laptop.  Last week, the MacBook finally decided that it had enough of the abuse and killed the drive.

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MacBooks and Ejecting a Stuck DVD

Three times in the last two months I’ve had to deal with stuck DVDs in the MacBooks and MacBook Pro in the house.   Unfortunately, all of the macbook laptops/notebooks’ are slot-drives that do not have the pinhole that allows you to manually eject the stuck DVD/CD.  Why, oh why is there no pinhole?  I tried a number of things that I thought I would never do to a DVD drive.  Eventually I had to go to Google for my answer(s).  Macosxhints had some really interesting (dangerous?) suggestions.

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