Package Tracking Junkie – Denied!

I admit it, I’m a Package Tracking Junkie. Every time I order something, I must have a tracking number. Except for deep REM sleep, I will go out of my way to track that package hourly. (Yes, light sleeping doesn’t prevent me as I’m sure I sleep walk.) Why write this blog entry? Hell, it’s my blog and I can do what I want.

Anyway – I’m hating on UPS today (generally it’s a lovefest.) I ordered a Dell Mini 9 netbook two days ago from Ebay (yeah, like I’m going to pay retail pricing for a netbook…) True to form, I got a tracking number and starting tracking the package. It was coming from Illinois so I should have in a couple of days by my estimation. I got an email from the vendor that confirmed that I should see it in a couple of days (friday this week.)

So – I start tracking it. UPS states that they received notification of the package. I check every couple of hours knowing that sometimes it takes awhile to get the system updated. I check over and over again and the same status. Yesterday, I reached out to the vendor – they ensured me it was picked up at 6pm the day I ordered it. So I wait for info.

I get the updated info today, the day it’s suppose to arrive. The day that I would fall in love with computers all over again. This package would allow me to spend the weekend in technical bliss.


I hate UPS.