Browsers do make a difference

images.jpegOn both my hackintosh and my Dell Mini 9 have had some serious video performance issues with both Hulu and Netflix. I thought it was because of the ktext files I’ve used for the build. However, it nagged me that other owners of the Mini 9 have had no issues with video performance from Hulu and Netflix. After a bit of research I found out that people were using Safari as opposed to my favorite browser Firefox.   

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit, but I simply changed my browser to Safari to access those services. No more performance issues.


Seriously? 100% Increase for Blu-Ray Disc from NetFlix?

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Seriously – a 100% mark-up for Netflix Blu-ray DVD access – Now it’s an extra $2/month! Come on!! I rather pay that extra $2 for additional titles on your on-demand service instead. Considering that the delivery of that service per movie is saving a TON of money — hence they are probably making a killing.

(yes, I’m on the 1 DVD at a time plan — I find it a hassle to run out to the mailbox, when I can simply get a movie on demand.)


Addendum: And it gets worse. According to this story – Netflix stock increased 5% on news of the price increase. The story also mentions that Netflix had increase their Blu-ray stock by 60% (they pretty much have to do b/c of the consumer demand for Blu-ray content in my opinion. This should be chalked up to the cost of doing business.) Here’s the clincher – they cite that Blu-Ray titles are 30% more expensive… so they decided that it’s fair to up the Blu-ray fee 100% to the consumer. Seriously… what the hell?

Netflix Woes

[Edit: If you are here to get some ideas on how to get Netflix streaming working, go to this article instead to see what finally worked for me.]

I’ve been meaning to post this article for awhile, but RL got in the way.  In any event, after performing my 10.5.6 upgrade I was very happy that, once again, I had a fully functional Hackintosh.

And then I broke it.

As some of you may be aware, that Netflix now supports Macs in their movie streaming service.  Since every workstation in the house is a Mac of one variety or another, I thought that joining Netflix to stream, albeit older, movies would be pretty cool.

Little did I know, this would lead me to a small tour of Hotel Grief …

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Machine was toast

Well thanks solely to my tinkering with getting Netflix to work on my Hackintosh, I toasted the machine.  Or at least I got it into a state that it wouldn’t boot.  I got to the Apple symbol and that’s it.

I tried fixing my Netflix/Silverlight issue by attempting to fix my ‘About this Mac’ window – figuring that the installer in the Microsoft Silverlight was not seeing what it expected and not installing correctly.  I download OSx86 Tools and started to mess with that program to see if that tool could change the appropriate settings.  Well, it looks like I hit the wrong option/button, whatever.  After the next reboot, my machine wouldn’t come back up.

To get it running again this is what I did:

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