Photographer’s Rights

I’ve been reading a lot about photographer’s rights lately.  Not that photographer’s have any more rights than anyone else – but there seems to be an unspoken war on anyone with a camera – and God help you if you actually carry a tripod someplace.  It seems that anyone that has anything that resembles profession equipment outside of Disney World is watched very closely as though they were terrorist suspects.  (Not that they shouldn’t be watched closely – there are a lot of freaks out there.) 

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LifeHacker find: PosteRazor Splits Images into Multiple Page Posters

PosteRazor logoThis was a great find from LifeHacker:

LifeHacker find: PosteRazor Splits Images into Multiple Page Posters

PosteRazor will take one image and allow you to divide them up into multiple  sections.  This will allow you to print a large image using your standard size printer.  However, the reason I like this program is that it will allow you to mimic some of the latest trends with artwork in some home decorating magazines that take one scene and break it up into multiple picture frames.  This will be a summer project for me.  I need to get some prints on the wall near my staircase.  This could be very interesting look.

PosteRazor is open source and has binaries for Windows, Linux, and Mac.  OMG I love Open Source!


High Dynamic Range Imaging

NYC-HDR High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI or HDR) has been around for a while – but I only just discovered the techniques in the last few days. You’ve probably have seen a ton of images with that uses these techniques and wondered how did they get that shot. In my case, my very desktop wallpaper was an HDR image — it’s actually the first image in the Wikipedia article, and I didn’t even know it!

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Digital Photography Books

I’m very much into digital photography lately and I’ve been spending most of my time off devouring as much as I can about the subject.  However, I’m in no way can be considered the next Ansel Adams.  There is so much to learn to consistently take good shots with your camera.  Then there is all the post-processing that one can do to edit their pictures.

I did encounter a couple of books mentioned by one of my new favorite sites Lightroom Killer Tips

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