Quick Silver Envy – Part III

Just a quick note to wrap up this series of articles. Since writing this article, I’ve switched out my main QuickSilverPC running Ubuntu to a Mac – running VMWare’s Fusion. So now I don’t have Quick Silver envy any longer as I’m using Quick Silver on a daily basis.

However, for the Windows side, I’ve decided to use Launchy. It’s very “Quick Silver”-like in operation after some tweaking. I’ve given up looking for a tool on the Linux side as I don’t use the GNOME interface very often any more.

Quick Silver Envy – Part II

(See Part III of this series for an update)

I’ve made some progress on this front and I was quite surprised at my findings.  My resolution to stay a Linux user is starting to shake now that I’m trying to find tools that will allow me to focus on content rather than tweaking.  In short, I’ve given up on Colibri and started using Launchy.

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