Makeup Photo! – Automatic online photo retouching

200903240826.jpgStumbleUpon this site just this morning. Makeup allows you to upload or retrieve a portrait image from the internet and it will perform a number of image enhancements to that image automatically. The initial touchup will include: “Skin Makeup”, “Eye Makeup”, Teeth whitening, and “Glamour effect”. I uploaded a portrait of myself and the site did an EXCELLENT job of touching it up. It literally shaved 10 years off the portrait.

Once your picture has been touched up, the site gives you several options : you can manually touch up the picture using their online tools, you can simply save it to your machine, or “shared” the picture on the net by allowing the picture to be hosted by and the site provides all the necessary http/embedded code to help link to the picture, or you can save to a account. The site only supports jpg, jpeg, gif, and png files.

The site is actually a subdomain/application of the site and is “Powered by Photo Enhancement Platform from”. The site has a number of other manipulation tools that you can use to change your pictures. I just think that this one, Makeup, is the best.

The other great thing about this site: it’s FREE! This is a great site if you don’t have a workflow process already setup in Photoshop – or are just too lazy to launch Photoshop.