Windows 7 on VMWare Fusion

I finished downloading and installing Windows 7 this weekend. It didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would take and I do have to hand it to the guys at Redmond: Good Job! I was able to get the OS installed on VMWare Fusion 2.0.1 with no issues. Other than to play with Windows 7, I did have a purpose to installing the OS — but since installing it I completely don’t need the OS any more other than a play thing on the Mac.

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MacBook Dead Harddrive – Lesson Learned


The hard disk in one of the kids’ Macbook finally bit the dust.  No matter how many times you  tell them that they just can’t move their laptop immediately after closing the lid, they are still going to do it.  It does take a few seconds for the MacBook to write it’s RAM to disk before you can move the laptop.  Last week, the MacBook finally decided that it had enough of the abuse and killed the drive.

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