Got My Spanning Sync – Get Your’s

save5make5_1.gifFinally got my Spanning Sync software registered. It had been running seamlessly in the background on multiple machines and no one had any complaints (until I let the demo period expire on me – then I heard about it….)

I highly recommend that you get the product if you’ve encountered all the limitations I’ve found in trying to get an easy solution for sharing a family calendar across multiple Macs and iPhones. I like the product so much, I’ve left a permanent link on my blog to save anyone else who is interested $5 on the software (full disclosure: I get the same kick back – not too shabby.)

You can get your $5 off by clicking here!

Mac trojan horse discovered in pirated Photoshop | Macworld

As reported on Macworld – OSX.Trojan.iServices.B, the second trojan to be found in the wild, has been identified by Intego.applevirus.png

[From Mac trojan horse discovered in pirated Photoshop | Macworld]

Here we go folks – these will start to come fast and furious now that someone has done some of the ground work. Make sure you get your software from known entities and not pirates. Keep in mind that you do still have to approve of any application to be installed on your Mac – so if you install one of these, it’s your own fault. So far these are trojans and not viruses – so the threat to your machine is limited. However, I would think that you’ll want to start protecting your Mac investments now rather than waiting for a real virus to show up.

Get your copy of ClamXav here.


The latest Mac Trojan can be avoided by not pirating software

I couldn’t agree more with the title of this blog entry from

An Intego Security Alert warns of a new exploit to threaten the tranquility of the Mac universe: OSX.Trojan.iServices.A Trojan Horse. [From The latest Mac Trojan can be avoided by not pirating software]

The first documented case of a Trojan for the Mac ‘in the wild’.

Do yourself a favor and get your ClamXav here.

UPDATED: ClamXav has already been updated for this trojan. Click here for info.

Magic Number Machine

Lifehacker just posted a quick entry regarding Magic Number Machine.  I’ve been using this tool since I got my Mac – it’s simply amazing.  Magic Number Machine is an extremely powerful graphic calculator.  It does everything but sit up and beg.  The tool has come in very handy when I’m double-checking the kid’s homework — it’s been a long time since Algebra for me.  This takes all the grunt work out of the problems.

It’s Mac only and can be found here.


Quick Silver Envy – Part II

(See Part III of this series for an update)

I’ve made some progress on this front and I was quite surprised at my findings.  My resolution to stay a Linux user is starting to shake now that I’m trying to find tools that will allow me to focus on content rather than tweaking.  In short, I’ve given up on Colibri and started using Launchy.

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