Kids-In-Mind: Movie Ratings That Actually Work

Stumbled upon this site and it seems very useful – especially if you have kids that are dying to see that "PG-13" MPAA-rated movie:

Kids-In-Mind: Movie Ratings That Actually Work

The other night I sat down to watch I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry with a few of the family members – not 5 minutes into the PG-13 rated movie I asked that a couple of them to leave.  I walked out myself after another 10.  The MPAA rated the movie a PG-13 for "for crude sexual content throughout, nudity, language and drug references."  (The movie was re-rated from a original R-rating.)  Now I’m very particular about what my children watch – and I’m pretty sensitive to ratings.  However, I didn’t get a chance to see why this movie was rated a PG-13 before the movie started. 

Kids-In-Mind has a rating system that can help avoid these types of situations.  They rate the film on a scale of 0-10 (0 being none, while 10 being the highest) in three categories:  Sex/Nudity, Violence/Gore, Profanity.  They abbreviated the ratings with dots – thus a 5 rating in Sex/Nudity, 7 rating in Violence/Gore, and a 4 rating in Profanity would be displayed as 5.7.4.  This makes it MUCH easier to gauge whether a movie is appropriate for ANY particular person -  note I didn’t say age.

The site also dissects the movie and lists each occurrence of a category incident – so you can make an informed decision on whether the movie should be seen.

Go to the site and take a look around – especially you parents with small kids.  You’ll be surprised at the number of "kid-friendly" movies  that really aren’t.


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