Hackintosh and 10.5.4 Upgrade

JT: Just a quick note – this article is a bit long in the tooth and uses some possibly archaic processes.  If you want up to date info – look to the OSx86 Project.

Apple just recently came out with 10.5.4 of their OS.  Since I’m running a Hackintosh that I’ve come to depend on, I thought I’d let others apply the new version of the OS to their machines and see what comes out.  After reading all the threads on the subject at insanelymac.com, I decided last week to go ahead and take the plunge.

First, I had to back up my existing system.  I use this machine everyday and I don’t want to spend the next two days rebuilding the damn thing if something went wrong.  I currently use Time Machine to back up my stuff to a dedicated partition on the same machine.  However, I wanted more than that.  I wanted the ability to image the entire system – and boot to that image if anything went wrong.  As far as I know there is only one product out there that will do that – SuperDuper!

I installed the product and I printed the manual — yes, the entire manual. If my machine were to die, I thought I might need the procedure to restore it printed out.  It seems relatively straight forward.  I used that new Acomdata drive as a backup device and I started the imaging/backup process.  The SuperDuper! application is very easy to use and the interface is very simple (yet powerful.)  It took about 3 hours to get everything over to the external drive.  The drive now contained an image that I could boot from if need be.  In addition, the SuperDuper software would allow me to re-image my existing drive in case something bad happened.  My advice – go buy SuperDuper!

Now I had to download the 10.5.4 Combo Update from Apple.  What is a Combo update?  Good question – you’ll want to know the difference of the different updates.  If you have the most recent version of the OS before 10.5.4, being 10.5.3, you can simply download the 10.5.4 Update.  The Combo update is for those of you who didn’t have the latest version of the OS installed.  The Combo update is much larger than the normal update as it has a Combination of all the updates from 10.5.1 on up.  Do yourself a favor and download the Combo update.  Plus it’ll make your life easier if you have multiple Macs to update like moi.

The update process is very similar from updating from 10.5.1 to 10.5.2.  I used the instructions located here.  But I’ll included the instructions here in case they disappear (and no I didn’t write the script or anything like that, I’m just posting it for prosperity. oh yeah, I modified it slightly at the end.)

After following the above and rebooting, it appeared that my machine was working – I was wrong!

I lost all audio and all of my image processing programs refuse to work.  I was getting a Quartz -related error – basically my board didn’t support it.  To correct this, I had to do two things:

1) Find ALC889A kext online (google it, you’ll find it.) and follow these instructions:

This got the audio working again!

2) Install the latest NVInject ktext.  You can find the NVInject ktext here.  However, please think about using the NVInject Installer located here — it makes install them a lot easier!  I used the version for 10.5.3 as there wasn’t a 10.5.4 version available – but it work like a champ and all my graphic programs worked afterward.


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